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Louisiana thinks beyond the label. If you're thinking about hiring employees with disabilities in Louisiana, browse the information below. These agencies and services are local resources for hiring workers with disabilities, and they can connect you to both the qualified workers and the resources you need to be successful.

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Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
Contact Person:  Kathy West-Evans
Phone:  206-999-9455
Website:  Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation

Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS)
LRS is a strategic business partner in helping employers find qualified job candidates to meet employer’s workforce needs.
Contact Person:  Chris Anthony
Email Address:  canthony@dss.state.la.us
Phone:  225-219-2389
Hours:  8:00 am- 4:30 pm M-F

Louisiana APSE
APSE works with employment agencies that provide support to employers and employees with disabilities.
Contact Person:  Derek White
Email Address:  derek.white@la.gov
Website:  Louisiana APSE

Louisiana Medicaid Infrastructure Grant
The Louisiana Medicaid Infrastructure Grant is committed to assisting Louisiana employers meet their human resource needs.
Contact Person:  Destiny Rohmfeld
Email Address:  destiny.rohmfeld@la.gov
Phone:  225-342-0456
Hours:  M-F 7:30 am- 4:00 pm
Website:  Louisiana Medicaid Infrastructure Grant

Work Pay$ Coalition
WorkPay$ coalition supports innovation to encourage and support Louisiana employers in developing workforce diversity.
Contact Person:  David Gallegos
Email Address:  dgallegos@work-pays.org
Phone:  1-800-960-7705
Website:  Work Pay$ Coalition

Success Stories

Do you have a compelling story about hiring people with disabilities? Share it here. Telling your story is an important part of amplifying our message that "labels" don't matter. You'll add to the growing evidence that hiring workers with disabilities is good for business. And you'll be providing a useful service not just to workers with disabilities, but also providing useful information to other businesses and peers looking to tap into a tremendous employement resource.

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