Tools for Success

Best Practices
When you're looking at hiring qualified employees with disabilities, here are some of the best practices to get started:

Best Practices #1
Learn about local available resources for training, awareness, and support.
Best Practices #2
Create opportunities for job shadowing.
Best Practices #3
Conduct informational interviews.
Best Practices #4
Host a Disability Mentoring Day.
Best Practices #5
Participate in National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
Best Practices #6
Embed disability components into training for HR and new employees, and include disability in diversity training.
Best Practices #7
Participate in job fairs.
Best Practices #8
Create internships.
Best Practices #9
Join the Business Leadership Network in your state.
Best Practices #10
Connect with Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies in your state and work with them on how you can participate; distribute position announcements to them.


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